Engagement Marketing Executive

May 31, 2018
Mel Blake

Online Republic

The Engagement Marketing Executive role within Online Republic is a direct marketing specialty which sits within the marketing team, taking responsibility for the successful delivery of email, SMS and onsite communications to our subscribed customer database. With the desired outcome of engaging people with our products and services (across the car hire, motorhome rental and cruise holiday business units).

Is this for you?

You’re super organized – Do your friends comment on how organized you are. Perhaps you organize all the social events for your friends, keep track of everything on spreadsheets, use lists or love categorizing your pantry? If you are innately organized and efficient, you pass criteria one. Move to the next step

You understand marketing tools and platforms – You understand how to use the tools and platforms that enable the role to be successful (Google Analytics, marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, design and graphics tools such as Photoshop, Trello and other project management tools, and more).  Tick? Carry on reading….

You are good with words – You are a wordsmith; you have a knack with words and ideally can write in different styles. You can pump out grammatically perfect content in your sleep and can edit equally as quick and proficiently. Native English speaker/writer a must. Still fitting the bill – move on

You’re a doer – You get stuff done. You don’t procrastinate; in fact procrastination annoys you. You do stuff when you say you will and you hold people accountable. You can’t be shy and are comfortable having tough conversations if deadlines aren’t being met.  When was the last time you were late to deliver something? Struggling to remember… Great, move to criteria four…

You’re empathic – what is the person feeling at the point in time they receive my message? What do I want them to do (call to action?) How will different segments of the audience react differently? Can I personalise the message to different segments of the target audience to improve engagement and action? How can I change the message by device, time of day, language to maximise the effect? If these are the types of questions you find yourself asking, move onto the next step
You have strategic insight – you get how to use data and insights to create relevant programmes and campaigns. How to interrogate reports to gain further information and insights which will lead to adjustments to programmes, which will lead to even more success?  Answered yes…final step….

You have common sense and you’re smart: When I say smart, I mean you learn fast, ask good questions, think outside the box (i.e. Google something first to find out the answer yourself), you take notes and are great at problem solving.  You question stuff; that doesn’t seem a good idea. Best not, eh? Why don’t we do this instead, it’s a much better idea…
Sound like you? Let me tell you about the position then…

  • Work collaboratively with your fellow Engagement Marketing Executive and all members of the marketing team, to execute marketing campaigns
  • Assist with the management, the day to day function of e-mail creation, send management, reporting and ensure execution of all initiatives is achieved on time and successfully
  • Assist with subscriber management across all global databases, ensure that all delivery, ‘hygiene’ or re-engagement initiatives are executed accordingly
  • Use data and insights to help with continuous refinement of campaigns and campaign assets such as templates and target audience segmentation, to ensure the highest possible performance
  • Assist with analysis and conduct web research
  • Assist with re-engagement (in synergy with the Performance Marketing Manager)
  • Ensure you maintain a clear understanding of the competitive environment to position and differentiate our websites successfully
  • Assist with the execution and report on testing initiatives

This is an exciting role within our organisation.  It’s your opportunity to own it, take it to the next level, deliver great results and have fun doing it.

What’s The Company Culture Like? What Are The People Like?

Put simply, our office culture is awesome!

It has a start-up buzz, it’s youthful, we have lots of social events, we have cake days, fruit days, lunch put-on frequently (sushi, dumplings, salads, soups etc.), we subsidise your gym membership (healthy body, healthy mind) and we pay for your health insurance.

We have a very flat structure. You can spark up a conversation with the CEO or anyone in senior management and they’ll treat you like family. No staff politics. Not egos, no BS. I promise!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested in the job. If you meet the criteria, want to supercharge your career in the digital space and work in an environment that cares more about you than your mum does,  APPLY FOR THE ROLE – we want to meet you!

Applications are open for a very short time. We’ll be making a decision fast so spruce up your CV and send it over – but if you are organised, it will be updated already!

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: https://www.talentpropellerjobs.co.nz/job/4176362-online-republic-ltd →