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To build a world class e-commerce business you have to bring together world class talent in all kinds of digital disciplines: Paid Search, Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Database Marketing, and so forth. From the substantial capability we have assembled within Online Republic, we now offer external clients access to our expertise via our consultancy, Search Republic. Our mission is to bring accountability, transparency, and significantly improved returns from our clients’ digital spend.
Paid Search. Do it better than your competitors

Cost Per Click advertising on global search engines can find potential customers for your business quickly. But the sponsored space at the top of the search results is increasingly crowded with increasingly proficient competitors. Our experts can give you the edge. We understand how to make the most of your opportunities and maximise returns. Online Republic personally spends over $10 million of our own money on search marketing each year and our search team understand the opportunities and challenges of this dynamic medium. We combine the highly analytical data driven approach of practitioners who have worked inside great companies like Google, Grab One and Yellow, with the innovation ethos of entrepreneurs who are focused on competing hard and continually upping the return from their spend.

Get a better ROI for SEO.

With the constant changes to search engine algorthims, good rankings can be there one day and gone the next. Or preferably they can be gained over time and stay strong over the long term, regardless of the latest search engine update. Search Republic understands the best practice for sustainable rankings and can help you achieve excellent results. We can manage your whole SEO programme, from audits and technical recommendations, to content creation.  Or we can work on a project by project basis to complement your in house team.

Conversion Rate Optimisation. Why wouldn’t you?

You have traffic coming to your website so you might as well convert as much of it as possible into paying customers. Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO for short, is one of our favourite pastimes in Online Republic – with simple changes to landing pages we have seen conversions double, even triple over time. At any one time we run several A/B tests on our sites whereby 50% of visitors view an existing landing page and the other half view the ‘challenger’ page being tested. The results never fail to surprise, and because customers are voting with cold hard cash, there is no room for ego over who in the marketing department’s idea or theory is best. We offer our Search Republic clients the same CRO expertise that we use in Online Republic. If you’re seeing diminishing returns from your paid or organic traffic, talk to us about how we can help you raise your conversion rates.

The SR Analytics Dashboard. Be smarter with your data.

Get complete visibility over all the important metrics of your site and campaigns with Search Republic’s proprietary Analytics Dashboard. With this powerful tool, your entire marketing team can view live site traffic as well as visitors by source, browser and device, compare current vs historic paid search performance and keep on top of trends. Successful e-commerce businesses make it their mission to understand their data, and as your partner in growing your online channel, Search Republic makes it easy with this tool.

Stop searching. Here’s your team.

Meet some of the experts that you’ll have on your side when you’re a client of Search Republic. We love helping businesses like yours grow their revenue from online channels, so get in touch today.

Ben Mitchell

User Experience

David Powell

Data Analyst

Robert Kern


Sarah Glover

Content Specialist

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